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The National ALA offers a robust catalog of information about each committee and the program engagement plan for each committee.  Additionally, each committee has a Facebook page to which all members are encouraged to join.

To access the links provided below, members must be logged into the ALA National website. To log in, go to

Once you connect to the National Committee page you are interested in, you may select the blue "GET INVOLVED" button to go to more detailed information on how to engage and you may select the blue "JOIN COMMITTEE GROUP" to join the Facebook Community for that Committee.   

Check the Leadership tab above to find the name and contact information for the Department of Georgia Committee Chairperson to ask more questions.  Don't forget to check the Resources FORMS page for the annual report forms... EVERY Department Chairperson wants to receive a report from your unit by May 1 each year for activities your unit has done May 1 - April 30.

Mission Outreach Committees - American Legion Four Pillars

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