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All American Legion Auxiliary Members, Officers, Chairpersons, Committee Members and Employees of The American Legion Department of Georgia shall at all times:


  • Be open and honest in all relationships with Auxiliary members, employees and others.

  • Never compromise the reputation or good of the American Legion Auxiliary by dishonest, disreputable, questionable or illegal behavior.


  • Conduct personal and professional lives in a manner befitting the organization's mission and values, recognizing that their actions reflect upon the credibility and reputation of the American Legion Auxiliary.

  • Work to positively influence the environment to build respect, credibility, and strategic importance of the American Legion Auxiliary to the public, members, and the community.

  • Avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interests.  Advise all appropriate parties of any potential conflicts prior to taking any actions.


  • Communicate all information accurately, fairly and objectively.

  • Fully disclose all known information that would be material to a financial decision.


  • Maintain an appropriate level of professional competence and enhance existing skills through ongoing training.

  • Recognize and communicate professional limitations or other constraints that would preclude successful performance of an activity.

  • Ensure assigned or appointed tasks are responsibly assigned and competently performed.

Professional Responsibility

  • Promote a positive image of the American Legion Auxiliary to all persons at all times.

  • Wear professional business attire when representing the American Legion Auxiliary in an official capacity.

  • Dress appropriately for the circumstance.


  • Never disclose confidential information acquired in the course of service with the American Legion Auxiliary except when legally obligated to do so.


  • Perform duties in good faith in a manner believed to be in the best interests of the American Legion Auxiliary.

  • Perform duties only within assigned authority and with respect to the authority of others.

  • Accomplish assigned tasks in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that all Veterans and service members are treated with dignity and respect.

  • Treat every Auxiliary member with dignity and respect.

Inclusive and Diversity

The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Georgia, recognizes the value of the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of its membership.  The organization promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect for the worth and dignity of its members, those eligible to become members and those we serve.

Conduct Violation

Any member may report a violation of ethical conduct or actions contrary to the governing doctrine without fear of retaliation.  The organization considers all inquiries and complaints about actions of members to be strictly confidential.

Ethics Query - An ethics query is a means for inquiring whether or not a practice warrants filing a complaint alleging a violation of the Code.  Anyone may register a query of a possible violation of the Code by a member.

The Department's procedure to administer the ethics query is by contacting a member of the governing board to inquire if a practice warrants filing a complaint alleging a violation of the Code.  The practice will be confidentialiy investigated by a group of three Department Executive Committee members led by the governing board member to whom they query was presented.  The group's findings will be reported to the Department Executive Committee for confirmation.

Ethics Complaint - An ethics complaint provides a process for inquiring whether or not a practice warrants filing  a compliant alleging a violation of the Code.  Anyone may register a query of a possible violation of the Code by a member.

Presented to the DEC at Department Convention 15 June 2017, Duluth, Georgia; voted on and passed at Fall Conference 20 October 2017, Duluth, Georgia.

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